Level One Trauma IFAK

Level One Trauma IFAK

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Designed by active duty Paramedics and Veterans, our NBSTK, or No Bullshit Trauma Kit is the Individual First Aid Kit you deserve.Packed with items that are proven to work, when your life is on the line. No gimmicks, no bullshit.  Only items that are tested and proven to work when you need it. Packaged in a quality Cannae Celer Medicus Pull-Away Pouch, you won't find a comparable kit with better items.  Due to Covid-19, some orders may take longer to complete.  We're currently operating on a 2 week lead time for our Trauma Kits as we navigate the Pandemic.  Thank you for understanding!

    NAR CAT Tourniquet

    Israeli Trauma Bandage

    NAR Hyfin Chest Seal

    Quickclot Trauma Gauze

    Combi-Abdominal Trauma Pad

    Trauma Shears

    Nitrile Gloves


    10 Day Return Policy, subject to a 10% restocking fee.


    To maintain sterility of our kit, items must be unopened upon return.


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